A wedding day unites two people forever. Every detail is an opportunity to bring family history into the day and to create new traditions for your future.

Consider, your chuppah from the wedding gown worn by your grandmother or with a combintaion the gowns from the bride’s mother and the groom’s mother.

Recently, I was commissioned to restore a chuppah that was first used in 1905. The fabric was threadbare and stained from years of flowers and the ravages of time. I worked with three family members, grandmother, mother and groom, all of whom would have the joy of being married beneath this canopy. Creating a new design, while preserving the antique woven metal trims and integrity of the piece was an enormous challenge. The final touch was embroidering the names of the five couples married under the chuppah and the dates of the weddings from 1905 through 2015. The wedding was celebrated by the Rhode Island coast on a beautiful late summer's day.

The text for this chuppah came directly from their wedding invitation. The imported French tulip lace was ordered and pieced especially for the occasion.

This chuppah was created from the lace, trim and beading of the wedding gown worn by the Mother of the Bride over 30 years ago.

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