Customer Reviews

"...Thank  you for the most precious and loved talises you made for my daughters.  Handing  over my mother’s and my wedding dresses was emotionally heart wrenching and I  shed so many tears while carefully selecting each piece and you custom   envisioning their placement.  Nothing could have prepared me for the  finished product.  The labor of love and heart you put into them is  unparalleled.  Now the tears I shed at looking at these marvelous  masterpieces are tears of joy and happiness, at knowing that each time my  daughters wrap themselves in their heritage they will also be wrapping them in  mine and my mother’s love as well.  There is no one I would trust more to   accomplish this than you.  And with Gd’s blessings, you will create a  chuppah for them in the future."    June 2018

"...two Shabbatot with my 'new talit' have been magical. I so love it. And yiskor holding the 2 corners?   Amazing."     April 2018

"....I just wanted to let you know that I used the new tallis for the first time last week......Hard to find perfectioin in this world, but you came as close as possible.

Thank you for the sacred work you do."   April 2018

"...the talit is perfect for my daughter............when I wrapped her in it she glowed. The bag is beautiful too! Thank you for doing such a beautiful job on this family will be with us for years to come."     October 2017

"...I realized that there were so many wonderful "surprises" I noticed and I was too excited to mention them, starting with the butterfly lining. It is like a painting, the more you look at it the more you see. The bag is gorgeous with the shirt fabric, the gold braiding and the beautiful gold flowers. I don't think that I completely understood what the attarah was going to look like until I saw it. The tallit is more beautiful and special than anything I could have bought. It is especially meaningful that the package arrived on Friday.

My dad is shining down on both of us. Thank you for becoming a part of my life. Shabbat Shalom...." July 2017

“…My daughter called today to tell me that she had picked up the ‘Mel’ quilts. She was so elated with how they turned out- so we ‘Face-Timed’. I was so impressed with your beautiful, creative work. Each one is Mel’s story. They take me down memory lane of over 60 years together. I can only say THANK YOU for trying to understand his essence and incorporating it into a keepsake. I am sure that my daughter and son will treasure the memories the quilts represent………Please know that we are so appriciative of the quality of your artistic abilities with the materials that were given to you….” October 2015

“..I want to tell you how perfect the black bag is for tonite’s wedding. The bags are gorgeous!!! You are amazing….” August 2015

“…I just had to tell you that my mom was visiting a few weeks ago and we were strolling around Brookline. We went into Kolbo and she made a beeline for a rack of purses she just couldn’t take her eyes off. We left the store with her happier than ever, carrying one of your purses, it was really beautiful….She called me today to report that she loves it and uses it all the time. Thanks for that…..” August 2015

“…My mother gave me a talit that belonged to my brother who passed away over 30 years ago and since it was from the 70’s, it was way too small to use in it’s original condition. Amy was able to transform the tallit in to the one we presented to Sam for his Bar Mitzvah and this was quite meaningful for me. Thank you for your beautiful work and attention to detail. You have been fabulous to work with!” …November 2015

“…The gold lace purse just arrived. Great choice of fabric for the lining! I love it! Thank you so much…” September 2015

“…The bags were the best, I was so excited about them. I had been waiting so long to give them to the bridesmaids and moms and they loved them. I of course loved mine as well! Everyone used their bag for the wedding and they went so well with the dresses.” …June 2015

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