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Adar Judaica includes pieces for both women and men, and include kippot (head coverings), tallises (prayer shawls) and chuppot (wedding canopies). These pieces are inspired by joy, nature and the stories of the recipients themselves while respecting all of the requirements of tradition. I approach Judaica design with the belief that each person who chooses to wear a tallit or kippah does so consciously and with the intent to deepen their own individual connection to Judaism. My designs for both women and men include a variety of fibers ,colors, motifs and Hebrew embroidery encouraging the wearer to explore their own religious identity. For the Jewish home I create traditional ritual items such as challah covers, matzah covers and afikoman bags with classic styles, current trends and whimsical inspiration.

Each person who wears a tallit is cognizant of the weight and flow of the fabric . Some fabrics float with an ethereal whisper and sparkle with a hint of light. Others offer warmth, security and a sense of being wrapped and supported. The one constant, the one requirement, the traditional knots of the tzitzit unite all designs.

The choice of an attarah with a prayer or a selection from Pirkei Avot encourages the wearer to consider their spiritual connection to their practice of Judaism. Design motifs of the tallitot are often inspired by text. Custom designs may include a pasuk from a B’nai Mitzvah torah portion or a full Hebrew name. Purely decorative attarot are also included in the collection, many include hand stitched pearl sand beading. Some recent designs include the phrases (all embroidery is in Hebrew);

· You are not obligated to finish the task, neither are you free to neglect it

· It is a tree of life for those who cling to it

· Open my heart to your Torahthat I may pursue your mitzvot

· G-d was, G-d is, always will be glorious in eternity

· Hear our voice, Adonai ourG-d. Have compassion on us. Accept our prayer with loving favor

As egalitarian practice is enriching many American congregations, women confidently come to the bimah to read Torah or lead services. A kippah offers a wonderful opportunity for personal expression. Adar Design Kippot range from classic tweeds to fanciful beads and feathers. Many coordinate with my tallit collection.

In addition to pieces created for the collection, ADAR Design custom work includes chuppot and Torah mantles commissioned by both families and synagogues. All design, embroidery, and stitching are completely by me in my studio in Needham, Massachusetts.

On this website and at fine craft show displays you will find handbags, clutches, specialty bags as well as other functional adornments. Many pieces are one-of-a-kind and creating custom pieces for you is my pleasure. Adar Design would be happy to work with you to bring your creative ideas to life. To discuss a custom piece, please use the contact form below, or send me an email at


Ms. Lassman has always chosen to create patterns rather than follow them. Her love of sewing began while creating skating costumes as a child. Later came pillows, curtains and anything unique to make each new apartment or living space feel like home. Always fascinated with color, texture and fiber, Ms. Lassman designs and creates beautiful and functional pieces to wear and to enjoy.

Ms. Lassman graduated from Washington University in St Louis with B.A. in Psychology and Dance and then received her M.A. from New York University in Dance Movement Therapy. Her career path began with providing Expressive Therapies to elders in Pittsburgh and Boston and inspiring creative movement programs for all ages. Committed to insuring access to services for seniors, Ms. Lassman worked in marketing and business development for geriatric care in the Boston area for over 10 years.

Originally from the Boston area, Ms. Lassman is now happily settled with her family in Needham , MA.

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